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This 9-module study guide course has been developed to share some of my thinking and others who are well positioned to comment on a range of strategies and approaches in implementing a Solutions Focused approach in schools and explores Solutions Focused Special Education Practical and Inclusive Strategies For All Educators book to support knowledge and implementation of the ideas contained within the book.

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This 8-module study guide course is to share some of my thinking and others who are well positioned to comment on the different conversational positions across The Myriad of Leadership Conversations which you'll also get as a PDF.

I would encourage you to engage with what you read and hear with an open mind and be curious of you disagree with anything I or others say – there’s the opportunity to learn and grow and by all means stay with your original view as long as you examine what’s behind your view and be curious what might be behind an alternative view – enjoy!

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This 5-module online course is based on developing knowledge, skills, and attitudes to enable participants to Change Conversations.

The experiences are based around a Framework which enables further development of a range of skills and introduces a number of practical Tools for use back in the workplace.

It has been developed specifically for the time-poor leader to enable them to hold 'coaching conversations' in a time-efficient manner than leaves their staff feeling supported and empowered to take action.